This part of the site is intended exclusively for bass players.

It targets beginners with a minimum of technical background . It is definitely not a case of instrumental technique , but rather, a study of different music styles in order to facilitate the acquisition of a solid foundation for playing in different contexts.

The method is inspired by an interview with the greatbassist Anthony Jackson, a specialist in studio work , who basically said, " in order to be a good studio bass player, you must have a collection of licks in each music style, in order to work quickly and not be caught off your guard. "

This section will therefore cover the basics of different styles, through both melodic and rhythmic small motives (patterns) repeated on each bar of a tune .

Accompanying a musician well is a noble and difficult art.

It requires a lot of experience , and you must enjoy playing different musical genres .

You will need to be able to listen closely to others,while mastering a particular sound , and swing , while retaining a sense of humility,and a certain musical intelligence, plus some human qualities to help you survive the gruelling test of tours ...

These are all qualities to become a super bass player!

You have to play a lot with drummers to acquire a personal style and a sense of rhythm .

Happy reading!

Yours musically ,

Alain Raman