Harmony theory

We will study here, five types of scales, and thus attempt to explain and understand the vast majority of music today.

Background: A scale is a group of notes (usually 7 in number) that will generate a series of chords.

They are:

- The major scale (ubiquitous)

- The harmonic minor scale (common in the Mediterranean Basin)

- The melodic minor scale (fundamental in modern jazz)

- The half-diminished scale

- The whole tone scale

The goal is, for example, watching a series of chords and knowing immediately what are the notes that we can play on it (of course, that is the minimum necessary for improvisation).

Or constructing chords sequence with notes that go with it, as part of a composition.

Or encrypting harmonically a chords suite , to dissect a piece of music and to know how it was composed.

The scales are really the backbone of the music !