Here's a scale with a Middle East tone. It is played in the music of the Mediterranean Basin.

It is used to treat many of the chords sequences II / V / I minor

It is constructed as follows:

W     H     W     W     H     WH     H

C minor harmonic ( that we will note Cmh for convenience ) , for example, will be :

C     D     Eb     F     G     Ab     B     C

We will now take all the chords of the harmonic minor scale of C :


The most important thing in this series of chords, is the sequence II / V / I, namely by D-5b7 / G7 / C-

The harmonic minor scale is the easiest way to deal with the II / V / I minor, so you have to feel at ease with it


It can also be used to deliberately play a Middle East atmosphere on its degree I or V (here C-and G-7). On Doc10, i play a little improvisation on a G7 chord ( degree V ), C harmonic minor scale... train yourself to do this kind of exercise!


Minor harmonic scale can be used with all chords of type X-5b7 ( C-5b7 here on doc11 , it's Bbmh second degree , so i'll play Bbmh ) :

I play for 1:30 minutes to give you an idea then itís your turn !

Again, regularly practice this kind of exercise, extremely formative.