Here are some essential records (not exhaustive), I think, both for learning and for a more in-depth knowledge of the history of the electric bass :

The Groovers:

- The first of them, Jaco Pastorius : this is the recording of a genius ...

- James Jamerson , the precursor

- Anthony Jackson, who has played in so many records that it is difficult to make a choice

- Scott Ambush , a master of american groove

- Mark van Wageningen , the spiritual son of the great Rocco Prestia

- ( Live in Japan 2008 ) by RAD ( Rose Ann Dimalanta )

- France has benefited from the contribution of bass players of African and Caribbean origin, who have a highly developed rhythmic approach of the bass!

- Here are a few:

- Etienne Mbappé, you can admire the quality of his work on this CD :

- Michel Alibo that some consider as the best in the world!

- Richard Bona, the outstanding rhythmician . Given his extensive discography, I wouldn't know where to start advising you, here are two links that illustrate his bass approach:

The improvising bassists

We are in the field of bass players with an advanced harmonic approach.

- Marcus Miller , a master of fretless bass and slap bass , who has an extensive dicography

- John Patitucci , the versatile bass and double-bass player of jazz giants !

Marc Bertaux, the most confidential of the great bassists, began his career at the same time as Pastorius, is just as original, he remains the giant of the bass guitar for many musicians in France. Faced with an also confidential discography (you can appreciate his music on records of the really great Olivier Hutman Trio, which are difficult to find), I put an mp3 sample that clearly illustrates the genius of this unparalleled bassist :

Here ‘s a record that maybe you can find :

The virtuoso bassists

Again, France is well represented in this category, the first was Dominique Di Piazza, a bassist with a special right hand technique that allows a high velocity creating music and melodies of great beauty.

In the new generations, there are Matthew Garrison, Linley Marthe, Hadrien Feraud ... that push the technique (velocity, complex rhythms, harmony) to the limit...