Preamble : How to practice

Here are some considerations on how to practice, important for maximizing efficiency in relation to working time.

- You have to practice regularly, ideally daily , even if it is a quarter of an hour sometimes.

- Always practice with a metronome or drum machine, and have always a part of your brain listening to this metronome as your conscience should not be solely focused on the notes you play, or on the technical difficulty of a phrase. This will help you being well synchronized with the partners with whom you play in an orchestra. It will also help you developing a sense of the number of bars (4, 8 and 16 bars), essential to being a good musician.

- From the general view of many musicians, progress often arrives by step: you can work long a particular aspect of music , having an impression of stagnation, then a click happens and you have turned the corner !

- Do not let your fingers run aimlessly on your instrument (this is addressed particularly to guitarists and bass players), it is a waste of time! You must take your instrument in order to work on something specific, especially musical aspects you are not comfortable with .

That's it.

Alain Raman